Rotterdam is one of the leading tourist destinations with a high visitor influx .The main attraction sites in this city include the great port which is one of the largest ports in the world. Accommodation facilities in Rotterdam mainly include hotel rooms, vacation homes, apartments and even lodgings. All these facilities are designed in great designs that aim at giving the clients a luxurious touch throughout their stay. Apartments in Rotterdam are strategically located within the main city and also in surrounding areas. Apartments found within the city are ideal and more convenient to business people while those in surrounding areas may be ideal for tourists. While choosing the apartment of choice, it is important to consider the travelling costs that you will incur during the vacation.

Central Rotterdam apartment is located in a serene and peaceful environment. The apartment is found in close proximity with museums, shopping malls and social clubs. Getting to the apartment from the Central Station requires one to board a tram for a journey that takes not more than 15 minutes. Ideal for business travelers. This apartment is designed in ancient designs that have given slight modern tastes in order to improve their elegance and luxury.

Facilities in central include a spacious living room that is fully furnished with high quality furniture. There is a fire place in one corner of the living whereby guests light fire especially during the cold seasons. The fire in Central apartment is used to supplement the air conditioning facilities installed in the apartment. This is due to the fact that at specific times of the year, Rotterdam experiences very cold summer seasons. Adjacent to the living room is the master bedroom that is separated from the living room by sliding doors. Apartment also has a fully equipped kitchen where guests prepare their personal meals. There is a large washroom that also doubles as a bathroom with overhead showers and bath tubs. There is also a spacious terrace found in a green city garden found behind the main apartment building. The exact location of the apartment is in the Deslshaven area.

It is one of the cheapest accommodation facilities as evident in its charges. The apartment can only hold a maximum of four people. For two people, the rate is $570 weekly while for three people the rate is $720 weekly and four guests pay $870 on weekly basis. In Central Rotterdam apartment, cost sharing among the occupants is allowed by the management. Cost sharing makes the apartment relatively cheaper as compared to the other facilities that may not allow cost sharing.

Entertainment and communication needs of visitors are well taken care of. There is a flat screen television set that is placed in the living room. Additional entertainment facilities also include a DVD player and a stereo system. There is a wireless internet connection that is usually available for use by the guests throughout their stay. Communication gadgets in the apartment a dial up phone found within the living room. There is an updated directory for the visitor’s reference in the apartment. Central Rotterdam apartment has additional facilities that include an electric iron and a hairdryer.

Rentals in Rotterdam

Renting Central Rotterdam apartment requires the visitor to pay a refundable security deposit that is usually 50% of the specific rent for the given duration of stay. The visitor is required to pay the remaining amount after their time in the apartment relapses. Payment can be done through cash or through a credit card. Personal cheques are not accepted in this facility. Placing reservation for an apartment is done by visiting the website of the apartment. From the website one is able to know the days that the apartment has not been booked. However bookings are usually full for most seasons and it is therefore important to place the reservation early enough in order to secure a date. Central Rotterdam Apartment is the ideal accommodation facility.