holland house

If dragons and flight would be possible on clouds I would hop on one like Don Quijote and go to Holland and relive the story of the windmills.

Even from the time I was a little boy I wanted to visit the land of Don Quijote and his famous windmills. I always had a passion for houses and different architecture styles around the world. If you look back in history houses have changed from an era to another depending on the needs of the inhabitants. Now in the era where space is really important and houses become smaller people feel the need of decorating them in a way to save space.

My childhood dream to visit Holland and it’s marvelous lands came true this summer when I grab my girlfriend and my backpack and took the road that one of my heroes took on a cloud to fight the windmills.

Our adventure began in Amsterdam, after admiring the wonderful city and the streets that had houses pasted together forming a kind of labyrinth we stopped in The Red Light district that was one of our “must see” in this city. I got to say it was more decent that I’ve imagined and people seem normal despite all the fuss with legal consumption of weed.

We also stopped and admired some masterpieces of Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh, the sea port that is one of the biggest one in the world, took a fairy ride on the Amsted at night fall and admired the city from another perspective.

Next on our list was Utrecht, another important city in Holland for it’s University that gathers students from all across the world in a multicultural study environment. Then we stopped in Haga which is the administrative capital of Holland and the house of the Justice department of European Union.

All over Holland people seem different than the ones from other European countries. They’re not so communicative and gives you the sensation at first that they’re really cold inside. But that’s only the first impression, they’re really helpful if you ask for information and spear time to explain or take you to the place you want to go. The main mean of transportation in the city is by bike and cars are more like a commodity. They have a load of respect for bikers and I think laws are very rough for those who don’t respect they’re space.

Nowadays everyone is in a rush to get from one point to another and really don’t mind the persons around them that much, here is like time stands still and people take time to admire the beauty of the world and not in a judging type of way. They managed to find balance between the old Holland and the new technological era that overwhelm any modern country.

Holland for many centuries was the home of the home of any banished foreigner that was willing to adopt they’re lifestyle and I think they had a lot to win from this multiculturalism. Everything is fresh and I saw people lending a hand to strangers and not expecting anything in return.

I fall in love with they’re houses and think that soon they will become  more important and more popular than any other element within the country.  Already hundreds or even thousands  of people daily access the Internet for information and pictures of houses with the Dutch style that spread across the globe.