The Hague
There’s a lot more to the life and living conditions in the Hague than the global aspects of the city. Apart from the fact that it reflects European culture and is rich in culture and heritage, living in a the Hague apartment is also about enjoying a life of peace and happiness. Expat housing facilities in this city entails all possible details related to housing, education, and health care.

The options include different types of home. Expats who settle on living in this city are always ready for a treat. Although the city is small, as compared to most other cities of the Netherlands, it allows a comfortable small-town living and feeling. It is the political hub of Europe, which has also been home to various international organizations. I

The international living standards are not just prevalent in the judicial and political world of the Hague. If you wish to live in an apartment that is quite close to the international goods and food market, you will feel at home at the Herman Costerstraat where the Haagse Markt is located. Additionally, the Chinatown located in Wagenstraat has now become a home to several authentic Asian restaurants and shops.

Living in these suitable apartments is best for the expats who would prefer to settle down in the lively urban areas of the Hague and even for families who wish to find quiet and peaceful residential areas. However, there is  scarcity of space in this city, and that is one of the biggest reasons why people living in this city choose for apartments, row houses and stand-alone constructions for their homes.

It is very difficult to find small houses or stand-alone buildings in the city. Parking is also very rare with such accommodations. You would have to look into finding a parking place for rent separately, besides the home. On the brighter side, there are several houses for expats living here that comes with large balcony and a small lawn or garden.

There are some areas that have become the popular hotspots for expats living in the Hague apartment. Some of the common areas are Archipelbuurt, Belgisch Park, Benoordenhout, Kijkdiun, Marlot, Rijswijk, Statenkwartier, Voorburg, Voorschoten and Wassenaar.

Before you plan to stat living in this city, you must figure out whether you would like to rent the Hague apartment or buy a home. The later would make perfect sense in case if you want to live in the city for long term. However, if you are in this city for a job or some other short-term work, you can chose to rent the property.

To choose an apartment in the Hague, you must search for good real estate agents in the city. There is a lot of information available n the internet, related to the estate agents. You can get some really valuable information from these agents. In addition, they can also help in negotiating a better deal for you, thus helping you save some money. Your agent will be able to find houses or the apartment that have been listed, and are located at posh places in the city. This association will certainly help you to find some of the best houses.